Lyophilized IgG IgM IgA Immunoglobulin G A M

Lyophilized IgG IgM IgA Immunoglobulin G A M
Form: Lyophilized 
Preservative: :10mM PBS, PH7.4
Storage & Stability:
Store at 2℃-8℃ short term.Store at -20℃ for long term (3years).
Package: according to requirments
Applications: Research reagent Biochemical Test
Item Name Purity Cat No.
Human IgG ≥95% LAIG001
Human IgG1 ≥96% LAIG002
Human IgG2 ≥96% LAIG003
Human IgG3 ≥96% LAIG004
Human IgG4 ≥96% LAIG005
Human IgA ≥98% LAIG006
Human IgM ≥98% LAIG007
Mouse IgG ≥95% LAIG008
Mouse IgG1 ≥99% LAIG009
Mouse IgG2a ≥99% LAIG010
Mouse IgG2b ≥99% LAIG011
Mouse IgG3 ≥99% LAIG012
Mouse IgA ≥99% LAIG013
Mouse IgM ≥99% LAIG014
Rabbit IgG ≥95% LAIG015
Rat IgG ≥95% LAIG016
Guinea Pig IgG ≥95% LAIG017
Bovine IgG ≥95% LAIG018
Goat IgG ≥95% LAIG019
Horse IgG ≥95% LAIG020
Donkey IgG ≥95% LAIG021
Porcine IgG ≥95% LAIG022
Porcine IgM ≥95% LAIG023
Canine IgG ≥95% LAIG024
Canine IgM ≥95% LAIG025
Feline IgG ≥95% LAIG026
Monkey IgG ≥95% LAIG027
Chicken IgG(IgY) ≥95% LAIG028
Chicken IgM ≥96% LAIG029
Duck IgG(IgY) ≥95% LAIG030

Limitations: For LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY and is not approved for use in humans or clinical. 
Please feel free contact us for more informations or special requirements.